Glowing Bright


           Written and performed by Alison Neil

         Directed by David Collison

Marie Sklodowska Curie; one of the most famous scientists of all time. An outstandingly talented Polish girl with huge ambitions both for herself and her country, she broke through all the restrictions placed on women at the time. Her amazing discovery of not one, but two new elements, with her beloved husband Pierre Curie, is an astonishing and well-loved story. The ups and downs of her subsequent turbulent private life, and spectacular work during World War One is perhaps less well known, but equally fascinating.


Alison Neil is a story-teller second to none...and Marie Curie's amazing life is a story worth telling.







  • High quality theatre lasting just over ONE HOUR without interval.


  • Performance space: 3m x 3m (preferably more)


  • Set-up 2.5 hours (preferably more) Get-out: 1 hour after audience leaves


  • SUITABLE for libraries, museums, art gallery spaces, W.I.s, clubs and societies as well as village halls and small theatres and arts centres.


  • To make a full evening's entertainment at no extra cost we recommend:
  • the show
  • interval
  • relaxed Question and Answer session with Alison (usually 20-30 mins)


          The show also works well if followed by a tea or supper.

"...another great performance.  To quote one of the audience "isn't she wonderful!" 

ORGANISER, Kingsclere Village Club


"...a fabulous show and the feedback has been universally great.  The advertising resources, pre-event communication, arrangements etc etc - were all smooth efficient and helpful.  It was a pleasure and a joy to see your show."

ORGANISER, Edge Village Hall


"As brilliant as ever.  Hugely well received and the audience can't wait for the next."

ORGANISER, Mathern Village Hall

"A brilliant, rivetting and humorous hour long play with a really interesting question and answer session after. I would thoroughly recommend seeing if you can get tickets."

AUDIENCE MEMBER, opening performance at Backwell Playhouse


"Very much enjoyed last night, really fascinating and so well done. Many thanks and congratulations to Alison."

AUDIENCE MEMBER,  opening performance at Backwell Playhouse


"Yet another fascinating play and outstanding performance from this talented playwright and actress.  'Glowing Bright' not only entertains but cleverly reveals just how  extraordinary a woman Marie Curie was."

AUDIENCE MEMBER,  opening performance at Backwell Playhouse


"It was great to have you back with us, another wonderful show, which everyone really enjoyed."

Redhouse Theatre, Merthyr Tydfil, MARCH 2022


"Alison performed ‘Glowing Bright’ to a packed house in Yorkley’s Community Centre.

The play was very well received and was a joy to watch her perform so well. We received so many positive comments from audience members and requests to have her back again for another show."

ORGANISER, Yorkley Community Centre, March 2022


"We really enjoyed having you at Cadbury Hall once again and our small audience was full of praise for your performance." 

ORGANISER, Cadbury Hall, March 2022


"I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful, interesting and moving performance.  It really has been a highlight, and we do hope to have you back in the future."

ORGANISER, Gotherington Old Chapel


"We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, very informative and we had great feedback."

ORGANISER, Coytrahen March 2022